Aircraft Management

Naples Jet Management (NJetM) offers a Turn-Key Aircraft Management program for aircraft owners or buyers who are looking for expert management services from the ground up. From crew selection to maintenance oversight NJetM covers all aspects of aircraft ownership with safety never out of sight. Our team of aviation experts have over 25 years of experience of managing flight departments and maintenance oversight, therefore we understand exactly what is required to keep your aircraft running at its maximum performance level.

NJetM Management Program Offers

Maintenance Management
Maintenance management is one of the most time-consuming and critical functions of aircraft management. At NJetM we coordinate all maintenance, regulatory compliance, and paperwork to the highest pedigree of aircraft and records.

Crew Selection, and Retention
NJetM managed aircrafts are crewed with a qualified, professional, and friendly flight crew. Recruited crew members not only know your aircraft inside and out, but also ensure all your travel needs and expectations are exceeded. We can also work with your existing qualified crew members if you choose so.

Flight Operations and Logistics
NJetM plans and monitors all flight related activities including crew coordination, flight permits, on ground travel arrangements, and accommodations with conscience of cost, time, and safety always in mind. NJetM also has many discounted accommodation rates nationwide.

Finance & Expense Management
All aircraft related expenses are thoroughly reviewed, processed for payment and provided in a consolidated monthly statement, meaning NJetM clients can rest assured their money is spent only on the upkeep of their aircraft. With over 25 years of managing private jets of all categories and makes, from maintenance to insurance coverages, NJetM knows the ins and outs of managing a flight department and jet aircraft without wasting valuable resources and time.

In addition, NJetM Aircraft Management Program also includes;
Hangar space
Ground support
Discounted fuel rates
Facility Access