Aircraft Acquisition

Our goal is to ensure you are completely satisfied and receive the most value from your private jet acquisition. Our mission is to educate and provide you with as much information as possible to make the most informed buying decision.

For more than two decades NJetM has purchased, operated, maintained, and sold numerous pre-owned private jets of many different makes and categories including Cessna, Hawker Beechcraft, and Gulfstream. This allows us to give our clients a valuable firsthand operational perspective which only a limited number of brokers can offer to their clients. Furthermore, we can assist securing a hangar, maintenance, temp. crewing until flown to your home base of operations.

Acquisition Process
Analysis clients profile to create a comprehensive needs assessment
Present and Compare upfront and ownership costs of aircrafts that best suit your needs
Comprehensive Market Analysis and Identify Candidate Aircrafts
Onsite History, Logbooks, and Records Analysis
Pre-Purchase onsite inspection
Purchase offer and Acceptance with price and terms negotiation
Closing and Delivery
One-Going post closing

To learn more about NJetM’s distinctive approach to acquisitions, or for an initial consultation regarding the sale of your aircraft, contact us at +1 (239) 821-6207 or email us at